Born in a Sicily’s remote country village, Alfio Antico lived as a shepherd until the age of 18 surrounded by pastoral life, in deep nature connection, absorbing from his grandmother local tales, myths and a rich cultural heritage of traditions. The voice of the wind, the animals’ sounds, the tales of the ancestors, in a land of more than thousand of years of history, with deep ties with the ancient Greece. 

During the 70s while playing in Piazza Della Signoria, Florence, Alfio was discovered by folksinger Eugenio Bennato and invited to join his band: Musicanova, where he became one of the most prominent musicians in the Italian folk scene. Since then with over 40 years of career where he performed worldwide, his instruments gave his signature sound to many Italian singers/songwriters’ hits. He also worked with Fabrizio De Andrè, Lucio Dalla, Vinicio Capossela and played in theatrical works alongside some of the most famous Italian actors and directors.

Alfio is considered worldwide as the master of frame drums, but this is only a part of his works. All his instruments are handmade and decorated by himself: from the skin to the frames and cymbals, hand cast, hammered and tuned. His amazing rhythm lies in the complete control of the instrument. The ancient dialect research, the use of onomatopoeic phonemes, the sounds of animals, all mixing in groove.

Alfio Antico is active both live and in studio on different projects, performing as solo artist in jazz festivals, world music, contemporary electronic events like Berlin Atonal, literature and poetry events, baroque music ensembles, theaters and many others.